• In 2005 Owen was awarded Best Mounted Player in the 26 goal Gold Cup, with 6 of his 8 horses originating from Isinya HDC.                    

  • In 2007, Owen was awarded "Best Mounted Player" in the U.S. Open, one of the highest accolades in all of polo, again with 7 of the 8 horses being homebreds.

  • In 2009, Isinya HDC was awarded "Best Breeder of the Year" by the American Polo Horse Association (APHA).

                                                      The Story:

Amber Shoes
Lord Franco

In 1991, with Owen achieving a 10 Goal rating playing some outstanding mares, the notion to have a polo horse breeding operation in SC was born. Georgina took two retiring champion mares from Owen's high goal string and with them ISINYA HDC was formed. The hunt for a stallion was filled by Amber Shoes, a Centennial Farms thoroughbred by TOPSIDER.

Owen first saw the young stallion at Vero Beach Polo Club playing under Adam Snow and, after acquiring the horse, took him to California to play in the 1993 U.S. Open.  

Amber Shoes  produced many foals that went on to play in high-goal polo for not only Owen, but also for sponsors like John Goodman, Skeeter Johnston, Michael Price and Melissa Ganzi. The Busch and The Orthwein families were corner stones in ISINYA HDC's breeding facility,  sending their mares to be bred and trained, thereby launching the  ISINYA bloodline and its breeding and training facility.

In 1996 Dicky and Francis Santamarina generously

gave an Agricultural Award-Winning Stallion  to the Rineharts thus integrating the famous La Fortuna bloodline with Isinya's.

 In 2007 Owen’s horses won the Best String in the US Open and 4 out of the 7 were Lord Franco’s offspring.




In 1999, RIVER, son of Amber Shoes and a New Zealand TB named Angie, heralded the next generation of  superstars like Isinya's Jezebel, Isinya's Cortina, Isinya's Sliver and Isinya's Riverdance.

River quickly follow in father's footstep by becoming one of only a few polo-playing stallions.  An early injury - sustained while he was a foal - prevented him from realizing his full potential on the field.

The sponsors and pros that once played Amber Shoes' foals continued to send mares to be bred to River  thereby  expanding the Isinya line with many of his foals  winning "Best Playing Pony" in Aiken, Florida, England, and Argentina.

Lord Lizard

In 2000, during one of the Rineharts' many visits

to Argentina, Dicky Santamarina offered Georgina the pick of his stallions, choosing Lord Lizard. He is by Alma de Bacan, sire of Aiken Cura,  a colt played by Adolfo Cambioso in the 2005 and 2006 Argenine Open in Palermo, winning "Best Playing Pony" for the Susan Townley Trophy.  With his storied pedigree and inherent abilities, Lord Lizard has

successfully carried on the La Fortuna line in Aiken; his foals clearly exhibiting his speed, athlecticism, and love of polo.


Riverdance, son of River and Local Dancer, has followed in his father's & grandfather's footsteps as a polo-playing stallion.


During his first season in Florida, he would play for Owen in high-goal games, then load up in the trailer and go play PeeWee polo for Mike Azzaro’s 10 year old son, Harrison.


Riverdance  won Best Playing Pony in both the Skeeter Johnston Memorial and the Hitchcock Memorial all before the age of 8. His remarkable intelligence and easy going disposition have become the defining characteristics of his foals as well.  His first crop of foals will be 5 years old in 2014 and all show natural ability.





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